About “The Lakeside” by William Schumpert

masoudborbor جمعه ۷ تیر ۱۳۹۸ ۰

Book review by Masoud Borbor: Matt is coming back home, and home here means the hometown he has not seen since childhood. While driving back to River Falls, with sunshine filled memories of a lake side, the weather gets werid: foggy and mysterious, lost in the woods. Everything becomes mysterious and horrific as in a nightmare and everytime you gess you are getting close to the salvation you are wrong. Shadows and creatures rise up in the air, where Matt thought he knows and is familiar with, from the old days. The words create images ahead of you as on a cinema screen, and you just want to turn the page again and again. You wanna turn the page? You miss a horror movie tha you can`t stop playing? You wanna get lost in the fog? This is the book.

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