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masoud borbor مسعود بربر


Masoud Borbor (Story writer, narratologist and former journalist) was born in Tehran.

He is the deputy editor in Barg-e-Honar quarterly magazine, the manager of Fiction Studies School in Khanesh Institute, and the host of Fiction Recitation Live 22:22.

He teaches story writing in college, public courses and private courses. He works with seueral publishers as supervisor or editor and he has worked formerly as a journalist with various media. 


Fiction recitation sessions
Since March 2020 and before the quarantine regulations being introduced, Masoud Borbor started to host a program on Instagram-Live every night at 22:22 (more than 100 nights now), hosting a writer or a translator reading a story for the audience and conversations about the fiction after that. That is the virtual version of his weekly sessions. Since six years ago, he has had fiction recitation sessions in book-cafes, the sessions were free and each time one or two stories were read and discussed, sometimes with the presence of the writer or translator of the story.

Masoud Borbor has taught several courses related to fiction and story writing, with Khanesh Institute, Baharan Institute, Khorshid Institute, etc. The courses were mostly about story writing, the history of fiction, ancient Persian fiction, narratology, creative writing, etc.


Journalism experience:

  • Jaam-e-Jam Daily, producing a weekly page called “The Joy of Fiction”, 2020-present.
  • Mehr News Agency, Environmental reporter, 2020.

  • Barg-e-Honar, Duty editor, literature monthly, 2015-present.

  • Iscanews, member of the editorial board, 2013-2015

  • Ghanoon Daily, Editor of Sarzamin (The Land) page, 2012-2015

  • Irana, tourism magazine monthly, 2012-2015

  • Ghanoon Online, Multimedia editor, 2011-2012

  • National Radio, several weekly programs host (books, literature, environment, travel, etc). 2008-present.

  • Story Reading and Fiction Recitation Gatherings, managing weekly story reading and discussion gatherings, 2015-present. (now it has moved to Instagram live, every night at 22:22)

  • Freelance Journalism, interviewing famous writers, officials, etc. for different media, and writing stories and critiques for different literature magazines like Hamshahri Dastan, Tajrobeh, etc.

    Other experience:

    • Story writing, teaching creative writing, content writing, copy editing, literature and narratology, “bibliojournalism”, organizing literature and book-related sessions and gatherings, environmental journalism, radio, podcast and multimedia journalism, photojournalism, social media and social network (Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, etc), ecotourism, content management, etc.